Twickenham Doll Club, Huntsville Alabama

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Our Club History


The Twickenham Doll Club  (TDC) was founded on January 27, 1976 by a group of eight local doll enthusiasts. Of the founding members, three are still members of the group today.

 The club colors are pink, white and blue, and the club flower is the Betsy McCall Miniature Rose.

 In March of 1989, TDC became a member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.  The club is organized in accordance with UFDC guidelines; the Club Bylaws follow UFDC requirements. 

 The club regularly provides educational displays to the Huntsville Madison County Public library and also donates books that are of interest to doll enthusiasts to the Library annually.

 In 2001, TDC unveiled a display, entitled “Peg Wooden Dolls of Hitty & Friends” at the Earlyworks Museum located in downtown Huntsville.  In conjunction with the display, a DRC Hitty-kin was donated to the Museum to be used as part of a traveling educational curriculum for grades 2 through 8 throughout the State of Alabama.

 As part of our Annual Show and Sale, TDC has sponsored fund raisers (UFDC Helpers) to support local children’s charities. Over the years, thousands of dollars have been raised to help children in our community.


JR UFDC Collectors



Does your child love dolls? Then they might like to join the Junior UFDC. This program is especially made for the younger generation who are interested in collecting dolls.  Your child will have fun meeting with other children as they learn more about dolls and participate in fun projects.

 If you think your child may be interested please email -

Sandy Page - 


Our Past Displays

 Story Book Dolls

 Hitty  Dolls Bride dolls




Ann Estelle Challenge


In the Spring 2006 issue of UFDC Doll News there was an article that inspired one of our members, to search for something to give our club a new lease on life. We were stuck in a rut. A few new members joined every year, and a few other members dropped out. We had fun but there wasn’t any great sense of excitement.


After reading the article, our member contacted a friend of hers in the Tallgrass Club (the group that the article was about), for advice. Her friend responded enthusiastically and a flurry of brainstorming took place. They came up with idea of our doing a club doll, something that the Tallgrass Club had that we did not. Our members interests were sufficiently varied that there wasn’t any one doll or even type of doll that everyone had.


After some searching, our member found Ann Estelle, by the Robert Tonner Company. She brought her idea to the club membership, and with our approval, ordered the dolls, for distribution at our biennial luncheon, with a plan to do some sort of follow-up involving the doll once all members received their dolls.

 And then our friends in Tulsa got busy. They decided to kick-start our club doll activities with a special gift. At the luncheon, along with our dolls, we each received a packet that contained a basic cotton reversible jumper, some matching fabric, a basic pattern set and a challenge to take our jumper and fabric and finish them into a complete outfit of our choice, with any accents, accessoriesand whatever else we wanted.


Now, every month, we have new challenges 

We bring our Ann Estelle’s to every meeting, and some months, we’re supposed to dress her to a theme, and other months, we learn something with Ann Estelle. While some members sew, and others knit or crochet or do beadwork, Anne Estelle has shown up wearing leaves, wrapping paper, and a variety of other non-traditional coverings.  You can read about some of the more receent things we’ve done with our Ann Estelle’s at our blog:


Everyone in the club has approached the Ann Estelle challenge with excitement and enthusiasm. And regardless of our differing primary interests in the doll community, Ann Estelle has linked us with a shared interest.


We also incorporated Ann Estelle into our Christmas gift swap. In the past, it was somewhat difficult to participate in, since everyone had such different interests in dolls. Now, we exchanged gifts for Ann Estelle, which makes participation easier for everyone  and gives members a chance to have different things for their Ann Estelle.


Ann Estelle has had such an impact on our group that several members now have multiple Ann Estelle’s as well as Georgia’s, Gracie’s and Sophie’s.


And a very very special thanks to the Tallgrass Club of Tulsa, OK for inspiring us!